Thursday, December 18, 2008

Out of Touch and Out of Town

I haven't posted in a while. Life happens ! I have been on a couple of trips (both Mosaic related) and I am looking forward to another in January! My first trip was to Bell Buckle TN in Sept. where I attended at class at my friend Sherri Warner Hunter's studio. Steve Koerner was the visiting instructor giving us a taste of his technique in Flying Concrete. We had a blast! and started construction on Sherri's new wavy, curvy garden shed. Here is a pic of the class/work crew. It doesn't look very curvy here but trust me it will when complete. About 2/3 of it has a barrel vaulted ceiling and the entrance end is a dome.

This shed is a work in progress and I know that Sherri looks forward to many more classes that include her garden shed. Check out Steve's website for more on Flying concrete. I love his "wavy curvy" construction style. He lives in San Miguel and offers classes there. I hope to visit someday.

Sherri's studio is located in Bell Buckle TN. I LOVE it there! I've had the opportunity to hang out there a couple of times and I know I will go back. Eclectic, arty, and down home. You never know who you will meet and I guarantee you will love them all. This trip I finally got to meet J.L. Nippers a cool folk artist living in the hills of Tennessee. I wanted to buy a piece of art from him and ended up with a couple. Brought me home a lime green gator and a tree full of Blackbirds. That's not the best part. I spent 3 hours with him and his wife. They are the sweetest folks you'll ever meet. I just got a Christmas card from them! They been married for 52 years!

I could go on and on. Maybe another day! Enjoy