Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Make Art! Have Fun!

Circus Iron by KG Greenstein
As mosaic artists sometimes I think we take things a little to seriously. Our materials, our process, and our finished work. Today I received a message from KG Greenstein of KG Studios in Oakland CA. A visit to the website included in the note reminded me that serious art does not need to serious, Maybe we need to get out of our trained adult trousers and into our kindergarten smocks once in a while and just have fun. You never know what we might come up with.


sabangel said...

I really enjoyed touring their website and the resulting grins, giggles and outright laughter at their subject matter, titles and site notes. Thank you for this reminder to have fun. I am going to go have some now!

Lauren said...

This is great! I found this blog by accident and I love the artwork.

clinton said...

KG is a ground breaker for those of us who take life to seriously. An iron! I love her in more ways then she will ever know.