Thursday, May 29, 2008

A visit to Mexico

In Progress Section of Autumn Prairie

I love my job! This past Febuaray I went on my second "business trip" to the to the workshop and factory of the Perdomo family in Cuernavaca, Mexico. I always have a hard time calling it a business trip even though I do work almost the entire time I am there. There is something about being in Mexico in February, surrounded by smalti and skilled mosaicists that doesn't feel like work. Owning certainly has it's perks!

The pic above is part of an in progress mural Autumn Prairie by artist Dixie Friend Gay. It is one of several mosaic murals that Dixie has created with the assistance of the Perdomo Workshop and will be installed in the Indianapolis airport.

The Perdomo family workshop has been recreating the work of artists into mosaic form for over 50 years. The mosaic studio produces its own smalti to interpret artworks into mosaics, producing special colors and providing installation. The studio, under the keen supervision of Master Mosaicist Luigi Scodelle takes great care to hold the vision of the artist and has worked on many challenging mosaic projects around the world.

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