Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reasons to Buy Art

I recently received this Top 10 from a Joanne Warren Hauser, a watercolorist and friend. Her and I often have conversations about how people will so easily spend a few hundred dollars on a mass produced decoration for their home, but balk at the idea of spending that same amount on something it took us hours to create. To date we have not been able to come up with a real reason. Do they really find value in reproduced painting that they find at the furniture store or else where or is it because they don't have to feel guilty when they are sick of it and send it to goodwill? Any thoughts? I always tell people if you love a piece you should buy it, because if you love it it will always match your sofa no matter how many times you change it.

I think this top ten is worth a read and I would love to make it 20 or 100, so please add your thoughts.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Art

#10. Contrary to popular belief artists really don’t like to starve!

#9.You get to meet wild wacky wonderfully talented artists and pick their brains to discover their creative inspirations!

#8. Feel Patriotic buying not only American Made but Hand Made!

#7. You can use art for stress therapy & save tons of money on doctor’s bills while improving your mental health!

#6. Live out your fantasy of quitting your day job, vicariously through the artists you meet while still preserving your 401K!

#5. Help defeat the big box mentality!

#4. Art is furniture for your mind (and lasts much longer than your sofa!)

#3. You’ll be known for your one of a kind good taste because of the
art you surround yourself with and the truly unique gift items you give!

#2. Three words…. You Deserve it!

Drum roll please…and the
#1. Reason to buy art………….. Ahhhh! It makes you feel so good!!!


16" x 20"

JoAnne Warren Hauser

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