Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Remarkable Woman

Throughout our lifetime we meet many people, among them there are those we know the instant we meet them our lives will change. My introduction to Ilana was one such meeting. She carries with her a rich history. It is as evident in her presence as in her art. At 84 years old she is as passionate today as ever sharing her technique of Spontaneous Mosaics through instructional classes and speaking engagements around the world.
I have always felt that mosaic artists are not taken seriously in the world of fine art. We do not have our own category to jury in and we are forced to select mixed media or assemblage. Mosaicists are often seen as hobbyists or craftsman who duplicate the work of the "real" artist. This duplication process has taken place for centuries and is a skilled craft done by very talents artisans and this is why we are often not seen as artists. During my first conversation with Ilana, she said was “If we (mosaic artists) are to become accepted into the fine art world we must be willing to push our materials beyond their traditional use and then they can not be ignored and we will not be looked at a craftsmen alone. We will be artists.” OMG I just wanted to hug her! I want to be her when I am her age. Brilliantly composing art from buckets of broken junk. ahh the good life!


ksr said...

wonderful...the warmth is so evident! thanks!

Ora said...

You are so right, Kim, and we are all working for the same goal. And I agree, Ilana Shafir is an inspiration and her work is unique. I took a workshop with her, it was just enough to make me understand the complexity of her work and the thought that goes into her "spontaneity." I can never see forms and colors the way she does, but it was fun to try, and sobering to accept that my strength lies elsewhere. Keep up the good work